How To Get The Most From This Course

  • Use the PDFs worksheets and continue to practice in a notebook/sketchbook. Keeping all of your practice work together will help you see progress. Adding dates is also helpful for tracking progress.
  • Use hashtags. #sketchnoteacademy if you post your exercises and practice on social media. Search those hashtags and encourage others on their work- These are your people! You can also use #sketchnotes and #visualnotes.
  • Share your work! I am a HUGE advocate for iterating in public and sharing your work online. It helps you see progress, it's a great way to get feedback from others, and you can find a lot of great ideas to implement in your own practice. Don't be shy or embarrassed! We all start somewhere.

Beginner Sketchnote Drawing

It's time to stop saying "I wish I could draw" and start drawing! And the best part? You can learn for free.
  • Awaken your imagination
  • Rediscover that you actually can draw
  • Create recognizable drawings in seconds

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