Beginner Sketchnote Drawing by Emily Mills

Beginner Sketchnote Drawing

It's time to stop saying "I wish I could draw" and start drawing! And the best part? You can learn for free.
  • Awaken your imagination
  • Rediscover that you actually can draw
  • Create recognizable drawings in seconds

Have you ever said something like...

  • "I can't draw."
  • "I can barely draw a stick figure." 
  • "My drawings are embarrassing!"
If so, you're in the right place! You CAN draw... you just forgot how, but I'll help you remember.  You'll learn how to reawaken your imagination and draw simply and effectively. Lessons feature multimedia content, printable exercise worksheets, and extra challenges sprinkled in. 
I need this free course!

Meet Your Instructor: Emily Mills

I'm a professional sketch artist based in Nashville, TN and the author of The Art of Visual Notetaking. I've created sketchnotes, graphic recordings, and interactive murals for clients all over the US, including Subway, Delta Airlines, Chick-Fil-A, S&P, Passion Church, and Magic Johnson. Draw from my experience and dive into Sketchnote Academy resources!

What students are saying:

"I love how you break down all of the elements of drawings into simple concepts that make it not nearly as intimidating. Turns out, I can draw!!"
Nan P
"It was a enjoyable course. You broke down the ideas within sketchnoting. The worksheets were helpful with the example/exemplar on one side and then room to practice. Thank you!"
Liana M
"Thank you so much for being our teacher. You helped me realise drawing is for everyone."
Nguyen L
Count me in! I'm ready for this free course!

Course Contents:

How This Course Works
How To Get The Most From This Course
Course Companion PDF
1.16 MB
Module 1: Illustration Starts With Imagination
Lesson 1: Seeing Possibility In Real Life
Lesson 1 Exercise
335 KB
Lesson 2: Seeing Possibility in Basic Shapes
Lesson 2 Exercise
62.5 KB
Lesson 3: Creating From Basic Shapes
Lesson 3 Exercise
89 KB
Lesson 4: Finish The Drawing
Lesson 4 Exercise
64.5 KB
Module 1 Review
Module 2: Recognizable Over Realistic
Lesson 1: Why You Don't Need To Be An Artist
Lesson 2: The 3 Basics
Lesson 2 Exercise
42.1 KB
Lesson 3: The 7 building blocks
Lesson 3 Exercise
308 KB
Lesson 4: Keep It Simple
Lesson 4 Exercise
127 KB
Module 2 Review Quiz
Module 3: Sketchnote Drawing
Lesson 1: Containers
Lesson 1 Worksheet
146 KB
Lesson 2: Arrows
Lesson 2 Exercise
101 KB
Lesson 3: Drawing People
Lesson 3 Exercise
88.6 KB
BONUS: ***Completed*** Course Companion PDF
Course Conclusion
Course Feedback + Testimonial

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What do I need to get started?

All you need to get started is an open mind, a willing attitude, and a black pen of your choice. I share links to my personal favorites in the course companion PDF. 

Do I need a printer?

The PDF worksheets are intended to be printed so you can practice right on the pages. If you don't have a printer, you can take it to a print or copy shop for printing, or follow along in your own sketchbook while viewing the PDF on a computer. Tablet or iPad use and functionality is not guaranteed or recommended.

This resource is intended for your personal use only! This is a free course, so if you want to share it with friends, send them here to sign up!