Beginner Sketchnote Drawing

A free course to help you awaken your imagination and build drawing confidence.

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Meet Your Instructor: Emily Mills

Since 2015, I've worked as a professional artist creating sketchnotes, graphic recordings, interactive murals, and more for clients all over the US, including Subway, Delta Airlines, Chick-Fil-A, S&P, Passion Church, and Magic Johnson.

Draw from my experience and dive into Sketchnote Academy resources!

What Students Are Saying

I love this course so much. And I exceeded my expectations with the exercises. They were fun and helpful. Thank you!
Leslie C.
Wow! Once it's broken down, sketching is not as complex! I suppose communication and getting your message across is the idea, thanks!!
Ken W.
This is going to help me so much to remember specific names, places and facts! So happy I found you! Going to definitely give this a try in my journaling bible!!
Kelly F.
These activities were all very challenging for me. Your activities were great at getting me to accept what I had to offer. They stretched me a lot! 
Jennilyn S.
Once I started doodling on the pages, my my sixty-five year old brain began to activate, and shapes began to take on imaginary forms. It was fun. Each exercise is like a game.  I am doing these lessons in order to help me make the kinds of journals my grandchildren will adore.
Laurel T.
Thanks a lot for the free drawing course. The imagination exercises were difficult but refreshing.
Guy B.
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