Handwriting Practice Workbook

Intermediate Sketchnote Drawing

Take your drawing skills to the next level.

Master Your Visual Library

Beginner Sketchnote Drawing

A free course to help you awaken your imagination and build drawing confidence.

Meet Your Instructor: Emily Mills

I'm a professional sketch artist based in Nashville, TN and the author of The Art of Visual Notetaking. I've created sketchnotes, graphic recordings, and interactive murals for clients all over the US, including Subway, Delta Airlines, Chick-Fil-A, S&P, Passion Church, and Magic Johnson. Draw from my experience and dive into Sketchnote Academy resources!

What Students Are Saying

I love this course so much. And I exceeded my expectations with the exercises. They were fun and helpful. Thank you!
Leslie C.
Wow! Once it's broken down, sketching is not as complex! I suppose communication and getting your message across is the idea, thanks!!
Ken W.
This is going to help me so much to remember specific names, places and facts! So happy I found you! Going to definitely give this a try in my journaling bible!!
Kelly F.
These activities were all very challenging for me. Your activities were great at getting me to accept what I had to offer. They stretched me a lot! 
Jennilyn S.
Once I started doodling on the pages, my my sixty-five year old brain began to activate, and shapes began to take on imaginary forms. It was fun. Each exercise is like a game.  I am doing these lessons in order to help me make the kinds of journals my grandchildren will adore.
Laurel T.
Thanks a lot for the free drawing course. The imagination exercises were difficult but refreshing.
Guy B.
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